brushing is fun


Never ignore your gums

Gum Disease is the number 1 cause of tooth loss in the world
4 outof 5 adults in the world suffer from an early form of gum

In India : More than 90% adults and 70% chlidren suffer from
some form of gum disease.

Teeth are the important, but we tend to ignore the gums.
However, like the roots of the tree, its the gums that are the
foundation of strong, healthy teeth

Is your current toothpaste doing enough

Strong gums are the foundation for strong teeth like strong roots are for the teeths
Ordinary toothpaste only proteck your teeth. You need a gum care expert which
strengthens gums as well as protect teeth.

It is the only toothpaste in India which is unique combination of Gumgaurd*,
which strengthens gum and Germicheck** which protect teeth.


Do you find traces of blood on your toothbrush every time you brush your teeth?

Do you assume it's because of your hard bristle brush? well, that's not completely true

Bleeding gums is warning to show that your teeth are weak and unhealthy

Bactaria in the mouth can easily grow out of control, especially when proper oral hygiene is not been practiced, or the wrong oral care product are being used. when this happens, the bactaria form plaque, and eventually tartar. this will cause inflammation of the gums, along with swelling and bleeding

Use toothpaste,the only toothpaste in India with a clinically proven
combination of Zinc citrate and Triclosan to prevent gums problems andgive strong and healthy gums
Benefits Other Toothpaste
Contains Gumguard+Germicheck
two antibacterial actives to
prevent gums problems
Upto 18 hrs anti germs protection
Prevents acid attack [Ph drop]
in the mouth by oral bacteria

The only toothpaste in India with a clinically proven combination of two antibacterial ingredients:

Zinc citrate + Triclosan

Clinically proven to reduce gingival bleeding

Clinically proven to prevent plaque regrowth upto 18 hours

provided significantly reduced plaque level 18 hrs after brushing compared to std F paste

The clinically proven Expert Toothpaste for Healthier Gums

  • Helps reduces tartar
  • Reduces lactic acid production in mouth
  • Improves gums health in difficult to access and high risk area
  • Reduces Ph drop in the mouth to prevent bacterial attack
Toothpaste with TNC+Copolymer
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*The FDI recognises that twice daily brushing with fluoride toothpaste is beneficial to oral health.