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Pepsodent GUMCARE + the first choice for protection against bleeding gums .

Gumcare Toothpaste Ingredients



Pepsodent Gumcare+ has advance formulation of 2% Zinc-Citrate and Flouride

  • Zinc citrate has proven anti plaque and anti-bacterial efficacy. Pepsodent Gum care+ formula is clinically proven to deliver zinc to the mouth in effective concentrations, creating an anti-plaque effect. Zinc is available in the plaque even 12 hours after brushing. 
  • Recommend Pepsodent Gumcare+ as your first choice for patients with gingival bleeding. 


Pepsodent GumCare+ is :clinically proven to reduce gingival bleeding .Clinically proven to reduce gingival plaque.Clinically proven to improve gum health.Clinically proven to reduce gum problems in 7 days.

Download this brochure to discover how Pepsodent GumCare+ improves gum health

Diabetes Mellitus and Periodontal Disease

Download a scientific slide deck explaining the clinical management of Gum Disease in patients with Diabetes Mellitus