Find easy ways to reduce bacteria and improve your family's oral health in this article.

Protect your family's oral health by reducing germs in the mouth

Your oral health is a reflection of your body’s overall health. Your mouth is the main portal into your body. If it’s not maintained properly, your mouth can easily become a gateway for germs and bacteria to enter other parts of the body and cause diseases. Maintaining oral health is not just a matter of dental health. As the teeth make up only 20% of the mouth, bacteria can also hide in the remaining parts of the oral cavity, the tongue, cheeks and gums.

This means that bacteria and germs in the mouth are not only affecting the teeth, but also the gums, the inner side of the cheeks and the tongue. If you don’t keep your mouth clean and healthy, germs and bad bacteria will multiply and can cause bad breath, gingivitis, tartar, plaque, cavities, and tooth decay which can then lead to more complications. To overcome these issues, you need an anti-germ toothpaste that can reduce germs in the mouth such as the new Pepsodent Germicheck 8 which is formulated with neem, clove oil, and CPC technology. The formula provides whole mouth protection, fighting germs not only on your teeth, but also on your tongue, cheeks and gums to give you 8 scientifically proven benefits. 

Good habits for maintaining dental and oral health

People often don’t have good dental hygiene habits, sometimes because they are too busy or feel tired. But good habits can also be beneficial for the health of your whole body. What do they include?

  • Consuming healthy food and drink

Consuming foods that are high in sugar or too acidic, without cleaning your teeth and mouth regularly, can cause plaque and damage to your teeth. Healthy foods and drinks that are good for your oral health include fruit, green vegetables, almonds, cheese, yoghurt, and milk.

  • Drink lots of water

Water is good for a healthy mouth and healthy teeth, as water can help clean food and drink debris that sticks to your teeth and gums (especially sugar). You should ideally drink 8 glasses of water per day to meet your daily fluid needs. However, some people may need more or less, depending on personal circumstances.

  • Gargle with mouthwash

Gargling with mouthwash will help fight bacteria and germs in the mouth. Its fluoride content will help prevent cavities, whilst the washing action will help remove food debris between teeth that cannot be reached when brushing. It also helps reduce gum disease. If you have certain medical conditions, it is a good idea to consult your dentist first, to get a mouthwash recommendation that is suitable and safe for your condition. However, for general daily care, using Pepsodent Mouthwash Expert Herbal Natural with an alcohol-free formulation and active zinc will help you fight bacteria and provide a comfortable feeling in the mouth.

  • Be diligent in brushing your teeth

Brush your teeth twice a day in the morning after breakfast and then again at night before bed. Brushing your teeth will clean any dirt that sticks to the surface or between your teeth. Choose a toothbrush that matches the size of your teeth and mouth and feels comfortable in your hand. Pay attention to how you brush. Brush gently and slowly; not too hard or fast, because this can erode the enamel layer and cause sensitive teeth as well as gum injuries.

To maintain the health of your mouth and that of your family’s, get into the habit of brushing your teeth using Pepsodent Germicheck 8 toothpaste which is scientifically proven to slow down plaque formation.

Here are the 8 scientifically proven benefits of the new Pepsodent Germicheck 8 that help to maintain healthy teeth and mouth for you and your family:

  1. Prevents cavities
  2. Prevents plaque growth
  3. Makes your breath fresher
  4. Makes your teeth whiter
  5. Maintains gum health
  6. Protects tooth enamel
  7. Prevents bad breath
  8. Protects from stains

Overall, oral and dental health is important, not only for yourself but also for your whole family. You and your family can support each other by encouraging each other to get into the habit of maintaining good oral health because a healthy mouth will support the health of your body and in turn your whole family.


*Based on in-vivo studies with 1 week of regular use