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Pepsodent Dental Expert

Pepsodent Dental Expert is committed to bringing oral health education, resources and new innovations to dental care professionals.

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Gumcare +

Discover how Pepsodent Gumcare + with Zinc Technology reduces Gingival Plaque in 7 days. 

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Social Mission

Discover Sensitive Expert's social mission to improve children's dental health and dental habits in India today.

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Patient Resources

Based on what dental professionals tell us, we know that clear, simple information for patients is key to helping them keep their mouths healthy in between check ups. We've created a suite of resources to help you do this, covering a variety of topics, from the importance of flossing to managing gum problems. Explore this section to see how these resources might be useful for your patients.

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Dentist Resources

Unilever's marketing expertise, distilled into a comprehensive Social Media guide, tailored to your needs.

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