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Types and stages of gum disease

With 95% of the Indian population being affected by some form of periodontal disease, it is imperative for patients to have a better understanding on the problem. This resource aims to inform patients on the types of gum disease, simple ways to recognise the symptoms and effective ways to prevent it.

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How to floss your teeth well

This simple, visual guide explains why flossing is important for oral health and provides tips and the accurate technique for flossing to keep your gums healthy.

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Gumcare during pregnancy

This guide explains the impact of pregnancy on gum health in a simple, easy to comprehend manner. It also shares tips on how to maintain healthy gums during the pregnancy term.

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Gum care tips for diabetic patients

Studies have revealed that the occurence of gum disease is more prevalent in diabetic patients. This resource aims to provide a basic understanding of the impact of diabetes on gum health and tips on how to tackle these problems.

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Gum health and aging

This guide helps to breakdown the most common oral health problems like gum disease faced by elderly patients. It also shares simple tips to maintain good oral health.

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How to prepare for gum treatment

In this guide we provide patients with simple tips to prepare for gum treatment and surgery from questions to ask their dentists to common do's and don'ts.

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