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Gumcare +

Discover how Pepsodent Gumcare + with Zinc Technology reduces Gingival Plaque in 7 days. Learn more!

Pepsodent Gumcare + Mode Of Action

Watch the mode of action video to discover how Pepsodent Gumcare + with its advanced Zinc formula reverses gum inflammation and stops the progression of gingivitis.

Pepsodent Gumcare toothpaste

Scientific Brochure

Pepsodent Gumcare + has a unique formulation with 2% Zinc Citrate Trihydrate known for its anti-plaque action. Its anti bacterial action reverses gum inflammation and stops the progession of gingivitis and returns the gums to healthy. 

Pepsodent Gumcare + is proven to deliver a clinically effective concentration of zinc ions in plaque for 12 hours after brushing. It reduces gum problems such as bleeding and inflammation in just 7 days and continues to deliver significant improvements in gum health over 13 weeks. 

Download this brochure to learn more about Pepsodent Gumcare + 

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