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4 beauty tips that can brighten your smile

How to take care of your face for a more photogenic smile. Advice on how to look better in photos by practicing your smile, using make up to accentuate your smile and taking care of your teeth.

We all know that proper oral care is the key to making your teeth look whiter. But did you know that with a few clever beauty tips, you can make your teeth sparkle even more? In this guide, we’ll show you how to amp up your smile’s wow factor with the power of natural make up. Read on to find out more.

Perfect your pearly whites with a plum-toned lipstick

Your choice of lipstick colour can affect how bright your smile shines. Orangey tones or deep reds can make your teeth look more yellow than they actually are. Swap out your dark shades for blue undertones or true reds which can make your smile look brighter.

Choose your bronzer wisely

When it comes to teeth, picking the right kind of bronzer is crucial. Go too heavy on the oranges and your teeth will look weirder than they do white. In most cases, natural make up is the key to a healthy looking smile. Try taupe-toned bronzers to give your teeth a whiter looking shade.

Accentuate the eyes

Beautiful eyes and bold smiles go hand in hand. Making your eyes the star of the show can help draw attention away from yellow tones in your teeth. If its winter where you are, try out purple, blue or silver eyeshadows. In the summer months, bright green and turquoise should be your go-to hues.

Contouring is key

Fuller looking lips are the key to a fabulous smile. Contour the curves of your mouth to give your lips more shape and your smile will stop anyone in their tracks. Pair this look with a berry toned lipstick for even more star power.

And there you have it - with just a few subtle changes to your make up, you can have smile that dazzles. Pair these beauty tips with the instant whiteness* and gloss that comes from using White Now Glossy Chic for a look that’s picture perfect.

* Instant white optical effect is temporary. Clinical Study measuring the instantaneous effect whiteness conducted on 78 subjects.